Jess Bradley: The NUS controversy

Wikimedia Commons/Wolfmann

The NUS released a survey in April 2018 saying that more than 4 out of 10 respondents had experienced “at least one instance of sexualised behaviour from staff” and had also previously held summits for crackling down on lad culture on campuses.
But amidst all this, the NUS itself is facing a controversy. As recently as July 2018, NUS officer Jess Bradley was suspended after allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct from her Manchester office.

NUS officer Jess Bradley/

According to a student culture website The Tab, Bradley posted explicit pictures of somebody flashing their exposed genitals in public areas on a blog called “Exhibitionizm.”

Bradley later published a statement on her personal blog saying that “I have currently been suspended from my role at NUS pending an investigation. Due to my contractual obligations to keep the nature and details of the investigation confidential, there are a number of things I would like to say but am currently not able to talk about without risking my job.”
“I appreciate at this time there is a lot of speculation about my conduct and I am able to tell you that I am confident that none of my behaviour has been unlawful, and that I have not engaged in sexual activity with anyone, or in the view of anyone, without their consent.”
“I intend to engage cooperatively with NUS’ investigation, and hope I should be in a position to talk about the situation in full to the communities that I am accountable to.”
“This statement is all I am going to say on this matter until the NUS investigation is completed.”
Meanwhile, the NUS has given an official statement saying:

“As a result of allegations against NUS Trans Officer Jess Bradley, she has been suspended pending an investigation. The matters pertaining to the investigation are confidential to allow for a fair and impartial process. NUS will continue to support Jess, full time officers, staff and volunteers during this time.”


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